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Subject: Re: [Leica] Tiltall query
From: Shel Belinkoff <>
Date: Mon, 22 May 2000 07:36:13 -0700
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Hi, Gary ...

The Tiltall, AFAIK, has gone through several iterations, and from what
I've read not all the parts re 100% interchangeable.  Do you have a
current or an older (Marchioni-made) model?
- -- 
Shel Belinkoff

Gary Elshaw wrote:
> Hello!
> Bit of a bizarre question this. Last year there was a brief
> discussion that someone had started remaking the Tiltall tripods. My
> partner borrowed my Tiltall and sadly left one of its leg sections
> behind her somewhere. Hence, i now have a somewhat unusable tripod.
> Short of machining one, any one know if i can get the factory that is
> remaking them to part with a short leg section/new leg? Anyone know
> of a compatible leg? Now, before you start making jokes about Gary
> the 'leg man'; the guy who only has two legs to stand on; bad enough
> that Kiwi's can't fly, now they can't walk either; i going to
> have to replace my venerable Tiltall, please say it isn't so.

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