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Subject: Re: [Leica] Paris tripod rules
From: Ted Grant <>
Date: Sun, 21 May 2000 19:09:16 -0700
References: <>

Gary Klein wrote:
> Just curious Ted, did you try to use a monopod?  Would
> the tripod police have gotten on your case with that?<<<<<<<<<<

Hi Gary,

No I couldn't have used a monopod as it was early evening and I
wanted to shoot down the Champs Elysee with a time exposure for oncoming
and cross traffic creating patterns.   As far as the police getting on
my case with a monopod, I don't think they'd know what it was but they'd
put it in the "professional  photographer category" only because they
didn't know any different or better.  And say "No!"

It's easier for a cop to say "NO!" than try to think what harm is being
done.  Over there or here in North America.

> Just curious, could one get a special professional
> permit to make a photo?  Or is the rule so hard and
> fast that one can not use it in the land of the birth
> of photography?<<<<<<<<<<

I thought maybe we'd have a Paris LUG NUT who could give us the
definitive answer to the tripod question. Let's hope someone can come up
with an official Parisian answer.  Then it'd save other Luggers the time
and pain in the butt of being stopped and wasting their time.


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