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Subject: Re: 100 R Macro (was [Leica] 60 Macro Elmarit-R)
From: Mark Rabiner <>
Date: Fri, 19 May 2000 00:31:18 -0700
References: <> <000301bfc159$d7cf4b40$a2d32cc3@oemcomputer>

Gerry Walden wrote:
> As a matter of interest Sigma use a lens in front of the main lens to
> achieve 1:1 ratio with their 90mm macro lens.   And they have been known to
> manufacture for Leica under Leica quality control.   Who knows!?
> Gerry
> > Ferrel do you  or anyone know why does Leica use
> > another lens, in front of the 100mm macro, to achive
> > life size when other manufacturers use an
> > extension tube to get to 1:1 ratio (life size) with
> > their macro lenses?

I've always thought it was cool of Leica to do that, put glass in front. Just to
mess people up!
My slight forays into macroland were always along those lines.
NO tubes, no bellows, no reversing lenes...
Just Proxars or worse. I always did OK with them I know they are looked down upon.
The fact that tubes change expousre put me off, the front glass does not.
But I'll be getting into Viso and things will change.
And I'll probably get some tubes for my Hasselblad system maybe even a bellows.
Or just a 150 G Claron that would have the "bucks for brains" quotient as far as
Macro do-ability goes.
I've got the 105 Ai macro for my Nikons but no accessories.
And Nikon makes some multi element "glass to put in front" (your not supposed to
say filters) which are good for some telephotos but I suspect not the macro. A
tube for that we all know.
I'm hankering mightily for a 120 macro for the Hasselblad - I need to give my
flat bed scanner a rest.
Mark Rabiner

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