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Subject: Re: [Leica] "Quick" DOF calculation
From: Guy Bennett <>
Date: Thu, 18 May 2000 15:17:36 -0700
References: <>

> jotted down the following:
>> I have not had the same experience looking at the
>> worst of "street photography." No matter how hard I look it just comes
>> as sloppy seeing by somebody who appears to be afraid of making contact with
>> people.
>I suggest that you take a look at Stephen Holloway's site (sorry -- don't
>have the URL on hand).  You will see a style of streetphotography that
>certainly doesn't exhibit sloppy seing, nor by someone whose afraid of
>making contact with people.
>Highly recommended stuff.


also take a look at the work of raymond depardon. he came from a strict
documentary background (is currently the head of magnum, is he not?), but
has made a name for himself as a sort of 'personal' or 'subjective
documentarist' as well. check out his 'new york correspondance,' a book
i've mentioned before on the lug. he was invited by the french newspaper
'libération' to send from n.y. to paris one photo a day. they ran the photo
on its own page, with his (personal) commentary. the whole correspondance
is a very original, exciting approach to street photography.

also check out his 'travels' - a thick book put out by taschen. it's some
400 pages or so of his fantastic b&w work (full frame, every one), 99% of
which was shot with a leica m and a 50 or 35.


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