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Subject: Re: [Leica] Filter for hospital shots
From: "Simon Lamb" <>
Date: Thu, 18 May 2000 22:39:42 +0100
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Definitely B&W I think.    As for being attentive, most definitely I will
only be taking pictures after the event when my wife and our new baby are
settled.  I would not trade the experience of being there with my wife
during birth for any photo.  A personal moment such as childbirth is not
really for sharing with the world either.


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From: Ted Grant <>
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Sent: 18 May 2000 22:07
Subject: Re: [Leica] Filter for hospital shots

> Simon Lamb wrote:
> >
> > My wife will be giving birth to our thrid child in about six weeks time
> > I wanted to ask what would be the best filter for use in a hospital room
> > with flourecscent tube lighting.  I have used B&W filters before but I
> > open to any suggestions of better filters for the Leica glass.<<<<<<<<<
> Hi Simon,
> A couple of things to consider.
> 1 / This event is B&W only!!  Therefore no filters are required. I'd use
> a film rated at 800 be that from whatever film manufacturer you use. And
> process in XTOL or your developer of choice.
> 2 /  This may not be so much of a problem for you already having a
> couple of children.  I suppose it would make a difference if you were
> not in attendance when your wife delivered of the previous two.
> However, if you were not there during the moment of truth, I'm sure
> you'll be tooooooo busy giving TLC to your wife to be taking pictures.
> Having shot many birthings over the years I'm always surprised when a
> "father to be" says he wants to take his own pictures, as he's an
> important part during labour in giving his wife care, therefore part of
> the subject to be photographed. I've yet to see a father photograph
> himself while giving his wife comfort.
> And have also been there when the father-to-be put the camera to his eye
> as the baby emerged, where upon he promptly fainted to the floor.  Only
> to regain his composure after the event was all over,  Therefore missing
> what he wanted to be there for. :-)
> I will also suggest that there really are no photographs  of the baby
> emerging that are considered "family pictures". Let me assure you that
> your wife may not have any concern at the moment of delivery, but she'll
> probably be quite some defensive after the fact.
> I find the best location is to work from the mother's head looking at
> the medical team doing there thing, which I'm sure many who've shot
> birthings will agree.  But then there are folks who wish to see the
> complete event,  then invite their friends over for drinks and lay out
> their wife's bottom end for all to see just like a cow giving birth in a
> Not my cuppa tea so's to speak.
> Good luck with the delivery and go B&W, as they'll be far more memorable
> than a collection of weird looking colour things that you'll always make
> excuses for, "little willie didn't look quite that weird a colour!"
> ted

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