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Subject: [Leica] filters for flourescents and giving birth....
From: "Birkey, Duane" <>
Date: Thu, 18 May 2000 16:02:07 -0500

If it were me... I'd shoot color neg and skip the filter....   I use Fuji
Superia 400 for a lot of available stuff around our hospital and my lab does
a good job getting the color balance compromise right on for interiors.... 

Chances are if there is any daylight at all, you going to have mixed
lighting anyhow and the correct filtration isn't going to be what you chose.
You end up shooting yourself in the foot because you are losing a stop or so
of light depending on the filter and it still won't be right....

 After you correct out the fluorescent... you are going to get different
shades of pink, blue and yellow from every different source...  Which is one
of the reasons why for certain things it is nice to use a flash...  I'm not
a big fan of mixed lighting...  but it is sometimes the best way to get the
shot if it covers a broad area....  

B&W of course... eliminates that problem and helps get rid of the red blood
around as well....  Unless you like that in your pictures...  

My personal birthing shooting technique was (and will be again this fall)
color neg in P&S camera with flash....  

My wife doesn't want photos of the labor process as my wife wants to squeeze
the life out of my hand during that phase..... (I'm going to remember to
take my wedding ring off this time)  I can't shoot a whole lot with one
hand.... let alone focus...  I'll bring the Leica M in later on after they
are back in their room. 

For the delivery, I will just shoot a couple of shots of the baby being held
up by the doctor and once my wife gets to hold it for the first time...  My
wife doesn't like her skin to look yellow, blue or pink....  hence flash,
and definitely nothing of the baby as it's leaving the womb..... That's a
rather private moment IMHO... and believe me, nobody really wants to see
pictures of that.

My feeling is one should enjoy the experience, getting too involved in
taking pictures detracts from the moment.

For what it is worth.


Duane's Photographs of Ecuador

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