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Subject: Re: [Leica] Thanks!! OT Nikon F5
From: Mark Rabiner <>
Date: Sun, 14 May 2000 01:36:52 -0700
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Fernando Martins wrote:
> > I'd kill for an F5 but what glass would I put on it that wouldn't be a step
> down
> > from what I like with my Leica M system?
> I don't know if these represent a step down or maybe a step-side. but they're
> possibly the finest glass you can buy in F mount:
> 24/2.8 (either AIS or AF-D - in my wish list)
> 35/1.4 (AIS - I own it, and it's superb)
> 55/3.5 micro (AI/AIS - in my wish list)
> 85/1.4 (either AIS or AF-D - the 1.8 is in my wish list, this one is too
> expensive)
> 105/2.5 (AIS - I own it, and it's superb)
> 180/2.8 (ED AF-D)
> 300/4.5 (AI/AIS)
Well in the case of the 24, 35 and 85 I think Leica M OWNS those formats and
they are not on my wish list for the remnants of my Nikon  slr system..
Personally I just use Nikon to do the things Leica M (without Viso) can't. 
Macro and longer (longer than 135) telephoto.
As neither Macro or long telephoto is something I almost never need, I almost
never need my Nikons. I take the batteries out so the don't leak.
A  180/2.8 (ED AF-D) is just a step longer than a 135 and I've got the new ultra
suburb 3.4 Apo...
but a 300 I've never owned and that's a whole different ballgame. 
I've got a 200 AI f4 Nikor a sleeper lens which doesn't exactly capture any ones
imagination but a VERY adequate performer which I got for a song and could sell
for a few notes.
That's my longest lens!
Mark Rabiner

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