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Subject: Re: [Leica] TMax 400CN or Xp2 SUper
From: "kpeters" <>
Date: Wed, 26 Apr 2000 11:09:41 -0500

I use Kodak B/W 400 and it is essentially the same film as CN400, though not
apparently as "printable" with a b/w enlarger as cn400 or xp; BUT if you get
your prints processed on a colour processor/lab, you can get this film for
dang cheap at Wal-mart!   And, it has the same great lattitide as cn400, and
prints (in my opinion) in true black and white whereas the others (both xp2
and cn) give "toned" images.  I have had no concern with the fading of the
negs as I scan all of my "good pictures" onto CD's and expect that in the
future, all I'll want is the new Epson XXXXXX+  printer for new pics.  ha!
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From: Henry Ambrose <>
To: <>
Sent: Wednesday, April 26, 2000 8:57 AM
Subject: Re: [Leica] TMax 400CN or Xp2 SUper

> >I wuld like to use one of these two films; so i would like to have
> >Lugger's opinions on which one to use. Is there any clear difference ?
> >
> >Best regards,
> >
> >Laurent.
> I do not think there is a huge difference between XP2 or T400CN.
> XP2 is my most used film. I've shot hundreds and hundreds of rolls of it
> with wonderful results. It is dependable and versatile. XP2 can capture a
> wider range scene than any other film I know of. It is very smooth in
> tonality and very sharp.
> I've only used the Kodak a little. When I tested it against XP2 it seemed
>  sharper feeling with a more defined grain and maybe a little
> contrastier. I chose XP2 because of its incredible range and smoothness.
> And its the best film for shooting into the light.
> I rate XP2 at 320 for general use.
> You can expose it up to 1250 and get a soft-lovely-clumpy grain look.
> Just be careful about maintaining shadow detail. You'll want really even,
> flat light for this to look nice.
> All that said, I could happily use T400CN if XP2 was not available.
> Some examples:
> one and two are XP2 at 1250,  made with 75f1.4 and 50f2 respectively
> three and four are XP2 at 400, 90 Elmarit-M, Rollei 2.8 Xenotar
> Henry Ambrose