Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 2000/04/21

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Subject: Re: [Leica] Classic M6 Terminology / LHSA Black Paint
From: Stephen Gandy <>
Date: Fri, 21 Apr 2000 09:43:07 -0700

there seems to be some misunderstanding here

the term "M6 Classic" is an often used non factory designation for the non-TTL M6.

you will often find dealers advertising a "M6 Classic" only as a way to prevent
confusion with the M6 TTL.  Leicadom is often confusing.   They are just trying to
prevent misunderstanding with the newbies who haven't yet learned the secret salute
and handshake.

so far as I know, Solms hasn't actually used the term "M6 Classic"

while my site was among the first to note the better build quality of the
M3/M2/M4/M5,  I hardly think think an attempt by Leica and LHSA to satisfy  pent up
consumer demand for a black paint M6 is "BS."   It's more like "Keep your customers
happy."     I hope to have a LHSA black paint M6 page completed over the weekend,
complete with LHSA order form.

Stephen Gandy

TM wrote:

> Well said, Mark! The black paint M6 Leica is hyping/offering through the LHSA is,
> to some extent, BS, for the M6 is not in the same league as the earlier Ms
> regarding internal parts, external finish, and overall appearance. It is, though,
> a slick means by which Leica yearns to add additional revenue to its bank account
> beyond sales of standard equipment.
> Terry
> > Thanks Rick!
> > Much as I love the M6 it is not classic. An M3 is classic. Even an M4 in its
> > various incarnations is classic to me.
> > The M6 is the culmination of a classic camera going through what it had to to
> > get to where it had to go but ain't classic in a way I like to use the word.
> > Mark Rabiner