Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 2000/03/29

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Subject: [Leica] Going Digital (OT)
From: "David E. Strang" <>
Date: Wed, 29 Mar 2000 20:29:51 -0500

I do some freelance work at the local newspaper which is going fully digital
by the end of the year (its the plan anyway).

Well, I have an R8 system as well as my old EOS-1. I checked around for an
equivalent Canon system to the Nikon
D-1 which the paper will be using and found the Canon D2000.

The D2000 is the Canon answer to the D-1, but it has far less features and
is built on the much older EOS-1n. The
resolution of the D-1 is 2012x1324 while the D2000 specs at 1152x1728. The
D-1 will do 4.5fps for 21 consecutive
shots while the D2000 will only do 12 frames at 3.5fps. The lack of Canon
features goes on and on. its hard to
believe the D2000 is Canon's response to the D-1.

The real kicker is this: the D-1 goes for $3500 while the D2000 will be
going for >>$7600<<!!

Its hard to believe Canon would reissue an old technology EOS-1n digital
while at the same time be releasing the
newer technology EOS-1v and at an incredibly inflated price!