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Subject: [Leica] Re: Loading LTM and Sailing
From: Ken Wilcox <>
Date: Fri, 3 Mar 2000 17:26:29 -0500

The IIIg is a terrific camera to use. If you trim your leaders you won't
have to "slow and easy" in loading. Just push in the spools, replace the
baseplate and wind.

Ken Wilcox

At 3:47 -0500 3/3/0, a fine scholar, steve lehuray wrote:

>This is almost silly that I am so confident about this particular point I
>must sound arrogant, which I am not. But, I have to tell you that I really
>became very facinated with the Leica LTM cameras from books and from LTM
>owners here on the LUG. I knew when the chance came I would get one and last
>November while browsing at PENN Camera in DC they had one, which after
>refusing to leave until they took my $800 offer I had one which included a
>135mm Hector. I ordered a 50mm Summitar the same day from Sam Soshan. Then
>the 111G sat on my kitchen table for a week before I built up the courage to
>try and load it. The whole strategy was slow and easy. So after easing the
>spool and cassette into the body I gently wiggled the film advance until I
>could feel that it had caught, I then slowly advanced it one frame and then
>took the slack out of the cassette and advanced it 2 more frames. Mopped my
>brow, phew, that was'nt so bad. Since then the dozen or so rolls has been
>the same story. But I am going to try trimming the leader and see what
>happens. BTW I love the look that the Summitar gives.
>>From: John Collier <>
>>To: <>
>>Subject: Re: [Leica] Loading LTM and Sailing
>>Date: Fri, Mar 3, 2000, 2:03 PM
>> Steve,
>> I too am quite light on equipment so I understand what you mean. However,
>> every now and then, The "Hand Of G**" strikes me down and I have learned to
>> take all reasonable precautions. I know that you must have prepared and
>> maintained your boats carefully and I am the same way with my cars. If you
>> do what should be done then, surprisingly to some people, everything goes
>> well. I think of the leader trimming advice as this kind of prep.
>> John Collier
>>> From: "steve lehuray" <>
>>> John,
>>> I did not wish to sound arrogant but loading my 111G so far has been very
>>> trouble free the way I have been doing without trimming the leader anymore
>>> than it already is. I might add that I have all my life had a very delicate
>>> touch with mechanical things and I don't break things: formula race cars,
>>> many years and thousands of laps with very rare breakage; ocean single
>>> handed sailing, thousands of miles in the Atlantic in all kinds of weather
>>> and nothing has ever broken; my Nikons, have never seen service; my MAC
>>> always boots up. So, with all due respect to you and Marc and Sherry some
>>> people are born klutzes and some are blessed with the 'touch'. Loading a
>>> Leica LTM could be tricky but if I were to 'feel' something amiss I would
>>> stop and try a different way. I suspect that the 4" trim rule came from
>>> Leitz antiquity where a Leica 'born klutz' engineer probably had fat
>>> fingers.
>>> Steve
>>> Annapolis
>>> ----------
>>>> From: John Collier <>
>>>> To: <>
>>>> Subject: Re: [Leica] Loading LTM
>>>> Date: Fri, Mar 3, 2000, 10:12 AM
>>>> I know how Marc and Sherry feel. An expert just cannot get any respect in
>>>> their hometown. Many times I have told my customers to do (or not to do)
>>>> something and they have given me that laughing, knowing smile. I wish I
>>>> could say they were as cheerful later on. I glad to hear that you have had
>>>> the camera so long that you can disregard advice from people who have
>>>> decades of experience and are trying to do you a favour!
>>>> John Collier
>>>>> From: "steve lehuray" <>
>>>>> Marc,
>>>>> I appreciate the warning, which I have also gotten from Sherry
>>>>>Krauter and
>>>>> she threatened me with charging me double to clean out the film chips
>>>>> the 111G jams up because I have not done the trimming thing. But the way
>>>>> that I have been loading it has been so simple and trouble free I
>>>>>have had
>>>>> no motive to try trimming the leader. BTW, I have two M's and several
>>>>> but I really love using this LTM even with the dual eyepieces which
>>>>>is very
>>>>> easy to adapt to. It's a jewel and I am glad I bought it a few months
>>>>> Steve
>>>>> Annapolis
>>>>> ----------
>>>>>> From: Marc James Small <>
>>>>>> To:
>>>>>> Subject: Re: [Leica] Loading LTM
>>>>>> Date: Thu, Mar 2, 2000, 2:10 PM
>>>>>> At 11:35 AM 3/2/2000 -0500, Skip Williams wrote:
>>>>>>> I never cut my leaders, and I don't have any problem loading my IIIx
>>>>>>> Leicas.  It's just one more hassle and anal thing, as far as I'm
>>>>>>> concerned.  (and god knows, I have enough anal habits as it is!)
>>>>>> Well, if you don't trim the leader, you run a fairly substantial risk of
>>>>>> having a bit of the leader chip off on a gear and work its way into your
>>>>>> camera's innards, requiring professional assistance to get it out again.
>>>>>> Marc
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