Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 2000/01/30

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Subject: [Leica] New Age Sensitive Luggers
From: John Collier <>
Date: Sun, 30 Jan 2000 09:16:57 -0700

Mr. Robert Bedwell wrote:

> I have never used the smile indicators on any post in my life....When it comes
to people's feelings I am extremely sensitive...... this type of insensitive
remarks is common-place on the LUG...... There has got to be some sort of
benign signal that we post, such as;  %%%%, #####, or whatever, when someone
posts something that is not understood or is potentially offensive thus
wasting time on non-productive banter.

There are times when things get a little ugly on Leica-users and quite
obviously feathers are not only being ruffled but perhaps ripped out by the
handful. This however does not happen that often and the parties are usually
requested to take it off list. A mild example of this was the Marc/Mike
reliability/quality thread. I contributed to this thread, as did many
others, and found it to be most interesting. They, as requested, went off
list and apparently have continued with great vim and vigour; in some ways,
I was disappointed as I found both their opinions, though different,  well
argued and informative. It would be a dry leica-users indeed if the
mistakes, the strong statements on obviously subjective questions and
astounding segues could not be made fun of! I do not always "get" Mark
Rabiner 's jokes or always those of other leica-users (hardly surprising as
humour is highly subjective). I do, however, appreciate their attempts to
put into perspective what others are taking perhaps too seriously. I know
that my own pitiful attempts at humour are not always received favourably
and are not always "got" by all or any leica-users. I hope, nonetheless,
that some of the enjoyment of writing them comes through. If, when posting,
one is unsure that the humour will be recognised as humour just put in a ;-)
or ;-) ;-). I hope you noticed the play on symbols! If things get out of
hand, a short missive requesting the parties go off list or a firm smack
with left pinky on the delete key will solve your problems.

John Collier