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Subject: RE: [Leica] Re: Fuji building an M
From: "Kotsinadelis, Peter (Peter)" <>
Date: Mon, 24 Jan 2000 09:19:41 -0800

Different strokes for different folks.  I use the M because of the glass.
While the Heliar is a lens worth considering (exceptional design), I don't
think I would use a typical Cosina (aka Vivitar, et al) on my M.  For me,
the lens justifies the camera which is why the new Konica M is so

Peter K 

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From: Godfrey DiGiorgi []
Sent: Sunday, January 23, 2000 6:12 PM
To: Leica Users Group
Subject: [Leica] Re: Fuji building an M

>Then is the body is primary, wouldyou put a Tamron lens on it in favor of a
>Leica?  I think not.
>Think about it!

I use the Heliar 15 and will likely buy the Color-Heliar 75 to use on my 
Leica M6, Peter. The Voigtlander 25 and 50 are also attractive to me, 
because these focal lengths I don't use very often and the Leica options 
are very expensive, I doubt I'd use them enough to be worth all the 
money. One of the reasons you see few people using other than Leica 
lenses on M is that there have been very few choices.

I chose the Leica M6TTL because it is the camera I wanted, not because I 
had to have it to use the lenses. I like the loading and the features it 
has, and of course I love the lenses. There's very little else I feel I 
need in a camera body, and I really don't want anything else. 

You make it sound as if you've been forced to buy one.