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Subject: Re: [Leica] Re.: Lens choice--sole lens for M6
From: "Julian Koplen" <>
Date: Wed, 15 Dec 1999 20:49:16 -0500

To the approximately 16 people who wrote me here and off-list to help me
with my choice, a great big THANK YOU.

While there was no pat answer, you did help me greatly with my thinking on
the matter.

I have been reassured about the performance of the old 35mm Summilux and the
50mm Summilux.  I have been alerted to the fact that my 35mm pictures can
become very boring,  if they all show the subjects at mid-distance without
some close-ups and intimacy.

Now my plan is to do a little more homework.  If the classroom light is as
generous as I think, allowing 1/90 or better at f/2 with 800 film, then I'll
go with a non-ASPH Summicron; otherwise, it's a non-ASPH Summilux. If the
childrern and teachers will tolerate me up close (no wise cracks, please),
then I can use the 35mm focal length for showing more environment as well as
more intimate pictures.  If the kids won't let me thaat close--or if my
presence is too disruptive to the class--then I'll use the 50mm as best I
can.  In the last analysis, I have to do the spade work and make my own
decision, but you all have helped me work out my game plan.

And you're all correct.  I've got the M6 itch, and whichever lens I select
will likely have a bunkmate as soon as I can find a "need" for another.

Much appreciation to this very fine group................Julian
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From: Hans-Peter.Lammerich <>
To: <>
Sent: Wednesday, December 15, 1999 6:20 PM
Subject: [Leica] Re.: Lens choice--sole lens for M6


I would not rule out the non-asperical Summilux 1,4/35 to quickly. For the
intended use, indoor shots at available light, handheld and presumably with
film, the optical performance wide open is still o.k.. Of course, if used
open on a test bench or tripod and on a flat object the aspherical will show
sharpness from corner to corner. But in real live at f=1/1,4, the corners
be out of focus anyway and you will be very busy to keep your main object in
centre in focus!

Stopped down it is not significantly behind the Summicron, but you get the
option for a f=1/1,4 without the cost of extra bulk. Being shorter in focal
length than a Noctilux 1,0/50, handheld shots are easier. In fact you can
handheld a half stop slower and you certainly get less attention than with a
chunky Noctilux!