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Subject: [Leica] Re: Franklin Mint......(was black paint)
From: "Roger Beamon" <>
Date: Wed, 8 Dec 1999 07:16:34 -0700

On 7 Dec 99, Bill Erfurth wrote, at least in part:

> Now, here is the bottom line, one of us is right and
> one of us is wrong.  Either Leica is right because
> they have God's gift to the world of marketing working
> for them and this thing is going to be a roaring
> success; or, I am right and next year at this time you
> will be able to open up the December 2000 issue of
> Shutterbug Magazine and see the dealers who got
> suckered into buying these things still trying to get
> rid of them.
> Time will tell.

I strongly suspect that time has already told, Bill.

While we may sit around and speculate on the 'smarts' of Leica, 
the issue of special editions and collectables has been going on for 
so long that the marketing folk would have to be a bunch of 
blithering idiots to continue to make the same mistakes over and 
over and over AND, this, all over a long time frame.

Now, obviously, each 'special' will meet with varying success, but 
I have to believe that, overall, the stategy has proven itself. No 
one is as dumb as some are thinking here.

Now, put brass under that black paint and I might just start a new 
piggy bank!
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