Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1999/12/06

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Subject: Re: [Leica] R8 polemic
From: Francis Barista Sembiring <>
Date: Mon, 06 Dec 1999 07:46:55 -0600

I think owning a Leica, one may be called eccentric. This is from point a view
of fully automated 35 mm camera world.
I consider myself even more eccentric by owning a R8.
I love this camera. :-)


Grégoire Vandenschrick wrote:

> It's again and again the same problem about the R8;
> too bulky, too big and too fat, etc... In my hands, it's perfect, moreover,
> the other R's are too small for me, if I want a small and lightweight
> camera, I'll go for an M, but now, I need and enjoy to use the R8. Cann't we
> stop discussing always the same thing. Surely, the R8 is a Leica, with all
> its Philosophy in mind, It's not the "M5" of the R, it's the "M7".
> I totally understand all the people who own leicaflexes, or older R Bodies,
> with a huge park of lenses, and who appreciate immensely their own system
> camera, I myself own some old cameras I immensely appreciate, with each one
> its little ennoying details and plus, this one is brighter, the other one is
> lighter... But why do we have to pejorate every new item made by leica, the
> R8 is heavier and bigger than the other, this has nothing to do with the
> pleasure of using it.
> Its design surely made not everybody appealed, even in Leica, but this is
> nevertheless a beautiful exercice of style, if you don't appreciate the
> design, you have to recognize that. All is at the best place, and all is
> very well done.
> and maybe, this is not the camera, but what we're doing with it that is
> important
> your comments are welcome
> Greg