Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1999/12/01

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Subject: Re: [Leica] Konica HEXAR RF Review (update)
From: Guy Bennett <>
Date: Wed, 1 Dec 1999 08:36:12 -0800

>I just received a note from Jon Tarrant at the British
>Journal of Photography (BJP).  Their review of the
>HEXAR RF will be in the December 8th edition.

i don't know whether or not this has been mentioned on the lug (been away
for about 2 weeks), but the current french magazine 'chasseur d'images' has
a very interesting section on current rf offerings. there's a decent
discussion of the following cameras: leica m, contax g2, hexar rf, hexar
af, hasselblad xpan, and the only non rf, the cosina 107-sw (as it's
marketed in europe), with each camera receiving a separate 1 to 2 page
discussion of its features, advantages and disadvantages in comparison with
the others, then another article comparing the relative 'quietness' of each
camera as determined by two tests (the quietest being the hexar af, the m
being second quietest).

in the same issue: the non-issue of the m7 - what leica has said about it
and why one is not currently being produced; a brief mention of the vario
elmarit-r 35-70 and the apo-summicron-m 90; lens tests of both cosina 15mm
and 25mm lenses; plus an announced 'contest' of readers' photos to be
published in a future issue: shots taken with a leica m.

all in all, quite a bit of leica related stuff for a 'popular
photography'-style magazine, especially when one considers that the only
time the leica name figures in the us 'poplular photography' is in