Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1999/10/05

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Subject: Re: [Leica] Epson paper/ink question
From: Chandos Michael Brown <>
Date: Tue, 05 Oct 1999 16:24:50 -0400

Great link, Tina, many thanks.  I'm using a 700 now and was thinking along 
the same lines you were--that is, upgrading to the 1200.  Now I think that 
I'll wait to see what happens with the 3000 upgrade.  I, too, would like to 
start messing around with some of the newly available inks--especially for 
B&W printing--but the 700 will do in the meantime.

$8000 a gallon, eh?  Why, that's almost as expensive as a 50 year old Glen 
Grant . . .

I've been printing B&W on Arches cold-press w/ varying success.  I find a 
fair amount of blocking up in the shadows, though I love the effect--rather 
like an old gravure print.  It'd be lovely to be able to emboss the image 
area to duplicate the effect of having been pulled from a plate.  I'd 
planned on using sheet glass on dampened paper (under pressure) to see 
whether that'll work, but I just haven't had time to mess around with it.

Again, thanks.


>Hi, Chandos -
>It's my understanding that the upgrade will have the ink capacity of the 
>3000 but the 6-color inks of the 1200.  The 5000 and 9000 work like that 
>now, but I can't afford $10,000 for a printer!!!  I have the Photo EX now 
>and am tempted to go ahead and upgrade to the 1200, but the inks are so 
>expensive in the tiny amounts for the 1200's cartridges.  Somebody figured 
>out that it costs $8000 a gallon!  There is a comparison of the output of 
>all of the printers here:
>The 17x enlargements really show a difference.  There is no doubt that the 
>1200 looks more photographic but a lot of fine-art photographers are using 
>the 3000 because it will accept any inks in refillable tanks and all kinds 
>of papers.  I'd like to have a combination of the two.  As with anything 
>related to computers, I'm afraid whatever I buy today will be obsolete 
>tomorrow!  They are coming out with new inks and papers everyday.  So many 
>choices, so little time!
>Tina Manley, ASMP

Chandos Michael Brown
Assoc. Prof., History and American Studies
College of William and Mary