Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1999/09/13

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Subject: Re: [Leica] OT Tilley Hats!
From: Mark Rabiner <>
Date: Mon, 13 Sep 1999 23:12:19 -0700

TSL wrote:
> At 07:06 AM 9/13/1999 -0700, Donal Philby wrote:
> >But tell me what other hat give protection
> >from sun AND left you put camera to eye with soft brim AND stay on at 45
> mph?
> >(despite someone saying you never wear one with the chin strap.)
> <<<Dear God, but this keeps begging the question:  why wear a damned hat at
> all?  One of the virtues of finally retiring from the military was being
> able to NOT wear a hat under ANY conditions whatever, a freedom I glory in.
>  Yes, I do some boating.  Yes, I hike and camp.  Yes, we have four seasons
> here.
> Damn, but I HATE hats.  Of any sort.
> One NICE thing about being self-employeed as I can make all of those jerks
> in baseball caps take them off when they are indoors.>>>
> Marc
> ------------------------------------------------------------
> Not to say they are are a new thing...  but it is precisely this last
> comment that refers to the monopoly that 'baseball caps' have become.  It
> bothers me  -  not hats but baseball hats.  I think many people want to
> cover their heads for one reason or another.  But would you not consider it
> unfortunate that 'style' for whatever its worth has been snuffed out by the
> baseball cap?  The Universities  some everyone has a white baseball hat!  A
> fedora would look funny on them.  I know a hat shop owner and we discuss
> hats.  He's trying to convert the baseball hatters into...something
> else...The headcovering is being compromised for the sake of plainness.
> Also other hats change the whole dress of the person, we would assume.

A baseball hat itself illustrates a good reason why hats are good. They keep the
sun out of your eyes. UV has gotten a very bad PR as of late. But a baseball hat
brim can get in the way of your Leica. Flipping the hat around can get a middle
aged guy into some severe image problems. I do it. But I try to do it with a hat
with no adjustable plastic thing that is not my image of my own middle aged
forehead. Imagine getting a tan line on you forehead from those plastic straps.
A tilley hat which I assume is like a fisherman hat (Like mister magoo?) has a
soft not to big brim that will work with the sun but not stop you from shooting.
But I'm guessing on that one.

And again keeping the sun off your head can save your life 
my hairdresser last year balled me out for having a overly tanned (spotted)
hairline. She says her clients are dropping like flies. Claims to be Imogene
Cunningham's niece and is quite believable about it. And looks like her. Has a
great rap about the tidepools. Her name is Sarah. In NW Portland Oregon.
Mark Rabiner