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Subject: Re: [Leica] Rebuild my R8
Date: Tue, 7 Sep 1999 17:55:48 EDT

In a message dated 9/7/99 4:21:36 PM Eastern Daylight Time, 

<< Galen is sponsored by Nikon, that's the main reason.  They use his name, 
 he gets $ome. >>

I don't know anything about Galen's arrangement with Nikon so I would not 
make the statement that he is "sponsored" by them, but even if you are 
correct, all Galen had to do before they would pay him a nickel was shoot 
with Nikon for two decades, publish several books, umpteen spreads in 
National Geo, and write a column in a national photo mag.   I attended a 
workshop with John Shaw (who also has shot with Nikon since the early 70's 
and appears in Nikon ads) and he said point-blank that Nikon pays him for any 
of his images they use in their ads and that's all, and John really didn't 
come across to me as the lying type.  I will admit that I did not have the 
stones to ask John why he never switched to Leica R, either.