Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1999/08/23

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Subject: [Leica] Re: Summar
From: Gary Elshaw <>
Date: Tue, 24 Aug 1999 01:23:33 +1200

Hi Jonathan,

I messed with my Summar once and the aperture diaphragm became 
square! There's nothing quite like the terror of watching those 
fragile looking leaves unintentionally spill across your desk! I 
finally got it back together some months later: at this time it's 

I hope i never have to "fix" it again!

Take care,

At 12:01 AM -0700 23/8/99, Jonathan wrote:
>Date: Sun, 22 Aug 1999 22:42:55 PDT
>From: "Jonathan Boulter" <>
>Subject: [Leica] summar
>Hi Everybody,
>I recently got an old 50mm Summar and was wondering about the iris:  Mine
>seems to have 12 blades, but is hexagonal.  Is this normal, or has someone
>messed with it at some point?
>Thanks in advance,
>Jonathan Boulter


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