Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1999/08/05

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Subject: Re: [Leica] Voigtlander 15mm SuperWide Hellar Asph
From: "Steven L. Alexander" <>
Date: Thu, 05 Aug 1999 09:47:56 -0400

I is a so,so lens. Not a lot of contrast and not too sharp; 
however, this is not to say that it does not fill a special point of view
for the M camera.  I must say that the above comments are based on a first
look at just two rolls of film (Delta 3200 and Delta 400)shot on one day.  I
will buy one and run more controlled tests.

 Wide open with sole light source in frame there is little halo and good
rendition of tonal scale of scene.

An interesting tool at a good price...view finder id great.

More later,

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>From: Pablo Kolodny <>
>To: Leica Users Group <>
>Subject: [Leica] Voigtlander 15mm SuperWide Hellar Asph
>Date: Wed, Aug 4, 1999, 11:23 PM

> Tamarkin wrote at its web page:
>                    Fits the M Camera! 15mm Superwide Hellar
>                    Aspherical f4,5, with special 15mm Viewfinder
>                    $499
> Iīd like to know if somebody has tested it ...!
> Price is very very very nice, isnīt it ?
> Pablo