Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1999/07/29

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Subject: [Leica] sandpaper
From: "TSL" <>
Date: Fri, 30 Jul 1999 01:00:44 -0400

>I knew a part-time pro who decided that his F3 prism had too many pecks
>in it, so he took sandpaper to it and removed almost all of the black!
>He got a kick out of having gear that looked trashed. The stuff he sold
>to me; another F3 outfit and a Pentax meter, looked only lightly used:
>He wasn't about to part with his laboriously created brassed beauty!

That's a big plus for rangefinder (like MX vs. RX)
People tell me ohh..  don't worry about it if you have spots all over your
focus screen - if you can see it, it won't show up!
Ahh... you should see my bla bla it's so old it doesn't bla!
All the reasoning in the world will not help my incredible urge to get the
damn piece of (microscopic but enormous) dirt off the screen.  It's just
great when you have to change your composition because some "harmless" speck
of  (tape?) is causing three blind spots.  Especially when you get a new
lens.  Throw the out-of-box 80/1.4 R on get all ready and then you look in
the viewfinder and you are distracted as you start figuring out which specks
of black are not so bad.
Then clean it
Buy a new one just for looking at it....
And start again.
I'd rather have clumps of sand in my view than two different sized spots.
Less to concentrate on...