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Subject: Re: [Leica] XTOL Again (slightly off-topic)
From: Nathan Wajsman <>
Date: Sat, 10 Jul 1999 22:51:12 +0200

Christer (and others),

Has anyone tried processing TP in a Jobo processor? Just wondering how it would
respond to continuous agitation.


Christer Almqvist wrote:

> I have also tried Xtol 1+1  and 1+3 with Tech Pan. The result is grainless
> negatives that prove the point that "no grain does not necessarily mean
> sharp images".  The negatives are quite hard, but not more than they can be
> handled with a grade 0 filter. Perhaps you should avoid taking close up
> portraits of women if you use TP though. I do not use TP because the
> disadvantge of slow speed, less sharpness and higher cost are greater to me
> than the somewhat coarser grain you get with Delta 100.
> Here are some TP/Xtol times and temps if you want a starting point, but
> your mileage will vary. I agitate 10 sec at the beginning and then 10 secs
> every minute and the temperature is always 68°F/20°C. I used 125 ml stock
> solution per film to make up the diluted developer
> --- for 1+3 use an e.i. of 25 and develop for 12 minutes. (The negatives
> will have those very faint frame numbers which set off this whole trail!)
> Skin tones are OK using grade 1 or 0 filter.
> --- for 1+1 use an e.i. of 75 and develop for 12 minutes (no typo, time is
> unchanged).  Skin tones are such that your wife will kill you, but the
> tonal range is fantastic if you want to take photos of backlit ice cubes on
> a black dish. Sharpness is not as good as with Neofin Doku.
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