Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1999/07/08

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Subject: [Leica] 60/2.8
From: "TSL" <>
Date: Thu, 8 Jul 1999 23:52:45 -0400

At 09:50 AM 7/8/99 -0500, you wrote:
>Hi all,
>I am looking for information about the 60/2.8 R Macro lens (to match a
>R6.2), I am not looking for the 100/2.8 (I know it is a great lens) because
>I want the shorter focal length.  Is it worth as a general purpose lens
>only macro) ? How does it compares against the 100/2.8 (just to have a
>reference) ? any comment ?
>Thanks in advance.

When I got the 100 I was quick to get rid of the 60.
If what you need, or if you are giving much emphasis on the macro, it's
great.  It's more than suitable.  However I never liked using it otherwise.
I'd switch to the 90/2 and that felt better.  But that's just preference.
But when I started using the 100/2.8 often it was more than a step up.  The
100/2.8 APO Macro is amazing.  The 60 just lost it's flavor for me as the
100 is just too good.  I don't use the 100 every day but when it's time that
thing will give you your moneys worth.  Perhaps it's not fair to compare.
If you want macro and don't feel like changing lenses, the 60 will give you,
I think, the results you want.  Then you can justify getting the 80/1.4!