Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1999/06/24

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Subject: [Leica] leica spotting (was re: senseless design)
From: Gary Elshaw <>
Date: Fri, 25 Jun 1999 13:19:08 +1300

Which reminds me of the recent film with Robert Deniro who uses, i 
think, an R8. The shots used attendant motor noises. I laughed, but 
no one else did. Then again, perhaps everyone in the theatre were R8 
users and the motor wasn't such a funny topic ;-)


From: Kyle Cassidy <>
Subject: [Leica] leica spotting (was re: senseless design)

All this talk about the M6's lack of a self timer brings to mind a movie I
saw last week, "High Art" starring the woefully aging Alley Sheedy as a
washed up art photographer who spends her time taking Nan Goldin-like
photos of her heroin riddled friends. In one scene she plopps her lovely
M6 down on a dresser, sets the self timer and jumps down in front of the
camera. I laughed. no one else did.

"The difficulty now is that unexceptional adults believe the loss of youthful
dreaming is itself "growing up," as though adulthood were the passive
conclusion to a doomed activity and hope during adolescence."

                 'The Uses of Disorder: Personal Identity and City Life'
                                             -- Richard Sennett

Gary Elshaw
Victoria University
New Zealand