Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1999/04/22

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Subject: RE: [Leica] 21mm or 24mm?
From: Alan Ball <>
Date: Fri, 23 Apr 1999 08:26:54 +0200


Not an obvious choice for anyone. I opted for the 21mm Asph and am very 
happy with that choice. Since you have used a 20mm, you are well aware of 
the compositional bonus awarded by very wide angle lenses. This one has 
nothing against it: no visible distortion, no visible vignetting. The 
additional viewfinder becomes 2nd nature: fun, clear, quick. Only pity: no 
exposure info relayed up there. Erwin's comments on quality are confirmed 
by my experience.

OTOH, opting for a 21 mm makes it kind of compulsory to own another wide 
angle (28mm or 35mm). Maybe the 24mm choice is reasonable enough to decide 
on a 24/50/90 setup...


On vendredi 23 avril 1999 7:38, Austin Burbridge 
[] wrote:
> I would appreciate advice and opinions about this happy dilemma.
> I want to get one of the very wide-angle lenses -- the 24mm ASPH or the
> 21mm ASPH -- for my M6. Although I've read Erwin Puts articles and looked
> at the scanty materials on the Leica site, I'm having trouble working out
> which would be better. (I used to have a Canon F1 and a 20mm and I liked
> the compositions, although the quality and speed of the lens left much to
> be desired. I like the emphasis and the context whic a very wide angle of
> view gives. I've also used a 28mm lens, which was not wide enough for the
> look and feel I enjoyed with the 20.)
> My first inclination would be -- all other things being equal --  that
> 'wider is better'.
> But are all other things equal? Is the linear distortion of one
> significantly less than that of the other? Vignetting? Other qualities?
> And, is wider indeed better? What would be the thing you prefer about the
> look of a 24mm composition, as opposed to one formed with a 21mm lens?
> And, among those of you who have already made such a choice, between the
> 24mm and the 21mm, what were your considerations?