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Subject: RE: [Leica] Urban forest
From: Buzz Hausner <>
Date: Tue, 23 Mar 1999 07:26:04 -0500

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> Subject:	Re: [Leica] Urban forest
> I read that here: Portland Oregon has the largest city park in the usa,
> its called Forest Park. Unfortunately we're talking miles of evergreens
> which for me are not real trees, they get boring quick.
> And I recall that Forest Park in St. Louis where I went to school is
> number 2. I don't remember any tree's there, it was like a big golf
> course in the city. Number three was Central Park in New York City where
> I was born; if these figures are still correct or if my memory is.
> Is the Black Forest in Berlin?:)
	Actually, the largest urban park in the world contained within the
limits of any one city is Fairmont Park in Philadelphia.  While it has lots
of nice gardens and trees, unfortunately it has  no forest primeval.

> As far as the rural/urban thing goes the big thing now for me are those
> fake industrial parks and those things that are like that TV Series from
> the '60's "The Prisoner" where a big balloon comes and gets you when you
> try to get away and everyone has a number and looks like they are on a
> Golf Team.(Lots of umbrellas).
	"The Prisoner" was shot in a real place, Portmerion in Southern
Wales.  It is also known as the "Italianate Village" and is about a seven
eigths scale village built as the vision of one architect whose name escapes
me at the moment.  It is a marvelous place and well worth a visit.  I have
been their a couple of times but never saw any rolling balloons.

		Buzz Hausner