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Subject: R: [Leica] Damn Lens Hood Stuck!
From: "Guido Ridoli" <>
Date: Thu, 18 Mar 1999 20:04:45 +0100

Mr Richard:
don't worry

the knurled ring with two red arrows " is part  "
of the lens hood.
To get the lens hood  off you have to set in line
(swinging the knurled ring) the vertical red line
with the white dot on the hood; then pull the hood
straight off.
It's easier to make it than to explane it.
Let me know......

        Guido Ridoli

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Da: Richard Fulco <>
Cc: <>
Data: sabato 20 marzo 1999 2.00
Oggetto: [Leica] Damn Lens Hood Stuck!

Hello List Members

After years of coveting an M6, I finally purchased
a new M6 TTL with a
f1.4 35mm ASPH lens.  The damn lens hood is stuck!
I can't get it off.
According to the instructions you simply depress
the catches on the
sides and pull the hood straight off.  How much
force is required to
remove this thing--is any turning or twisting
required?  Also, on the
end of the lens there is a knurled ring with two
red arrows on it--I
don't see such a ring in any photos of the lens in
Leica's new catalog.
What is it?

Thanks in advance.

Richard Fulco
Extremely Frustrated Leica Neophyte in Minneapolis