Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1999/03/07

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Subject: [Leica] Kodak Processing changes - R8 Motor drive prototype
From: "GBicket" <>
Date: Sun, 7 Mar 1999 06:54:32 -0700

Good morning LUGgers.

I recently sent off a Kodak film processing mailer filled with Kodak a roll
of Kodakchrome to the Kodak processing center in Dallas, TX USA, and got
busy doing other things.  When my mind revolved around to that film, it had
been well over the predicted turnaround time.  I became concerned about my
film, and after calling around, learned that Kodak has shut this lab down,
and moved that processing to New Jersey.  Film received in Dallas is
forwarded to the New Jersey location, adding a week or so to the turnaround.

Don't know if this was related solely to the Kodakchrome decision, so that
Ektachrome and print film may still be processed/printed in Dallas, or if
the Dallas lab is shut down altogether, but there are lots of PK-36 Kodak
mailers around which still show Dallas as a processing location, and I share
this experience to save other LUGgers my OMIGOSH, LOST-IN-THE-MAIL anxiety.

I have been out of the country and off the net for a week, and have just
been through all the Digests for more than a week.  I had received a
personal email from LUG member Savenjie, whose email address my msn mail
doesn't like for some reason.  Mr/Ms Savenjie indicated that at the Solms
product trial Leica had recently loaned him/her a new R8 winder, which
he/she later corrected to a motor drive in the personal email.

I did go through all these digests, hoping to find some response/news about
the R motor drive.  Was there any response from Savenjie, or has there been
any news about the motor?  According to some people in an airport on my
trip, the second coming may be here before the motor drive!

Hoping for a motor drive soon.  Pardon me if I have looked for, and missed
this news.  Enjoy the light.