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Subject: Re: [Leica] olympus vs leica
Date: Thu, 25 Feb 1999 06:05:28 EST

In a message dated 2/25/99 2:05:33 AM Eastern Standard Time, writes:

> I'm also on the olympus list and I've recived this message
>  any comments about this:
>  :I have the following observations:
>  :1. The sharpness and brilliance of the photos at all points on the prints
>  :using all fives lenses at varying speeds and apertures was not one iota
>  :less than I would have expected from my Leitz lenses. There is absolutely
>  ........
>  :5. I am *absolutely* sold on my Olympus equipment [the results are every
>  :bit as good as those from the stuff made in Wetzlar or whereever!] as well
>  :Let's hear it for Olympus.

My wife is a microscopist and deals with Leica <on topic>, Zeiss, Olympus and
other major optical vendors on a very regular basis (one of her optical
microscopes cost $160K; she also uses electron microsopes, but that's another
discussion and much higher cost).  

In her field (according to her), Olympus has made great strides towards parity
with the big boys.  She has said on occasion, that with some 'scopes the major
differences are not with the optics, but with the hardware features the 'scope
provides.  She says Leica and Zeiss still have the edge optically, but Olympus
is getting to be a very strong contender.