Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1999/02/22

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Subject: Re: [Leica] Problems with Leica IIIC
From: "Mark Hammons" <>
Date: Mon, 22 Feb 1999 21:13:53 -0600

>Dear LUG readers,
>Have any of you had problems with film not being pulled taut in a 
>screw-mount Leica?
>I sometimes use a IIIC that my father bought new in 1949 when he lived on 
>the Island of Guam.  Occasionally (often), I have noticed that one side of 
>an image was badly out of focus.  The effect was random and irritating, and 
>it puzzled me for along time.  I finally realized that, after I advanced 
>the film, the wind knob had a lot of play and could rotate back and forth a 
>few degrees.  After winding film, sometimes the knob remained fixed, but 
>sometimes it clicked back a bit, apparently letting the film bow or bend 
>within the film gate.  My practice now is to:
>1.  advance the film.
>2.  gently turn the wind knob back if there is any free play.
>3.  turn the rewind knob clockwise to pull the film taut.
>4.  hold on to the rewind knob while I take the exposure.
>This is cumbersome.  Can any of you suggest a better solution?  Is there a 
>mechanical repair?  For example, should the pressure plate be pressing the 
>film tighter?  Or, should the rewind mechanism be under tension so that, as 
>the film is advanced, it remains stretched against the film gate?
>Andy Morang
>Frustrated LTM Leica user from Mississippi

Is the rewind lever all thw way to "advance".  Also, I believe their is a prawl
on the film take-up shaft that prevents the knob from rewinding.  It is spring
loaded.  If that has failed somehow maybe thats the problem.  Sherry?

Mark Hammons