Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1999/02/19

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Subject: Re: [Leica] was Tri-X vs Ilford?now:Tmax fixing.
From: Mark Rabiner <>
Date: Fri, 19 Feb 1999 01:13:31 -0800

Ted Grant wrote:
snipnutes to completely clear.
> If you find a slight pinky look still in the film after drying, Kodak have
> suggested to leave your film on a light table whle turned on and this will,
> "supposed to," clear the pink out.
> Can't say I've tried it.
> ted
> Ted Grant

Thanks Ted,
I forgot all about the light table trick. I knew about it when I was
experimenting with the Tmax's five or six years ago. I seem to recall it
mainly worked for me but I can't remember the fine points about what my
problems with it if any might have been.
I guess the main point might be that after several years it might me a
different ball game now and many of my problems with the TMax might have
worked themselves out. It's not as if the product is loosing money for
Kodak and they're letting it flounder. (Fanmail?)
Maybe also the water here in Portland Oregon might be harder than
average. Maybe its my pipes. I'm generally on the side of Kodak and I
think if they put their minds to something they come up with a superior product.
Rochester NY is a place I've always wanted to go for more than one
1. The Kodak stuff some of it being movie.
2. Eastman school of music, lots of classical stuff which I'm also big into.
3. Landscape, Fond memories of childhood summer camp in the finger lakes
close by, upstate New York being a treasure I haven't seen in decades
and wish to soon. People forget about New York state and they just think
of New York City.I hope it isn't all strip malls now. New York could be
their favorite place and they just don't know it yet, just not New York
City maybe. Although I love New York City too for obviously different
reasons. Could think of many reasons why NYC is LeicaLike. Could make a
list. And check it twice.
Mark Rabiner