Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1999/02/17

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Subject: Re: [Leica] Delta 3200 -Reply -Reply
From: Gareth Jolly <>
Date: Thu, 18 Feb 1999 09:55:43 +1000

I think I can feel my leg being gently pulled.

I can see two possible advantages to the process.

One is that the Tri-X grain size and structure may be preferable to the
3200 films.

The second is (sacrilege) I can't get hold of 3200 film in medium format
and one day I might be tempted to drag my Mamiya out to a jazz cellar.

Gareth Jolly

>>> Marc James Small <> 18/February/1999
08:18am >>>
At 08:47 AM 1999-02-18 +1000, Gareth Jolly wrote:
>There is a procedure described in 'The Darkroom Cookbook' for pushing
>Tri-X to 3200, while retaining shadow detail.  From memory, it involves
>transferring the film to a new long tank containing a warmed hydrogen
>peroxide bath for a period.  An empty spool or two at the bottom of the
>long tank keeps the film suspended above the bath, in the fumes of the
>hydrogen peroxide.  

I would suspect this to be a rather simplified manner of "hypering" the
film, normally done with nitrogen "forming gas".  This is a common
with amateur astronomers and hypered film or, for that matter, hypering
tanks, are readily available from the vendors who advertise in SKY &
TELESCOPE.  But, to that end, freezing your camera down with dry ice
REALLY lead to gains in low-light sensitivity and will impede fogging, to

Now, a Noctilux, a glass of Lagavulin, five pounds of dry ice, a bunch of
Ted's underwear, and, gads folks, we're talking TOTAL darkness
pictures here!

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