Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1999/02/13

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Subject: Re[2]: [Leica] Slide mounting- Question for Tina
From: Harrison McClary <>
Date: Sat, 13 Feb 1999 17:42:27 -0600

Saturday, February 13, 1999, Robert wrote:
> Harrison:
> I used the polaroid mounts and mounters, but the mounters tend to scratch
> the film.  The Pakons seem fine.


I did not even know there was a mounter available. I just use scissors
and  my  gloved hands. Kinda slow but I can see no way to scratch them
doing  this.  I  only  mount  the  ones I like (I mount my B&W negs to
print). If I am shooting chrome I have them done at one of the labs in
town.  They  just got new machines and are VERY particular about their
chems...They  do mostly their own film so they keep a really close eye
on the stuff, better I think than the labs that do tons of 35mm.

In  college  we  used to use the Pakons with out a mounter...hence the
slide  and  scratch  name I gave them.  I discovered the Polaroid back
them and really like the easy way they work.

Best regards,
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