Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1999/02/06

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Subject: Re: [Leica] Gotta tell you, Walt (was Re: Canon LTM 28 2.8 lens FS)
From: Ted Grant <>
Date: Sat, 6 Feb 1999 18:25:51 -0800

>Yep, Roger, it's friday where I am...I've always used a different
>system than the system is evolving to a time when
>there's only Fri, Sat, And SUN.....that works for me,

Walt and Roger,

I had this great idea if only I could get elected in your country or mine.

I figured if I could become your President or our Prime Minister I'd have
great systen for time and reward worked out that if it worked I'd be
elected for life.

Elect me and the following will come to pass (maybe right by) but at least
I'd give it a try!) :)

1:	Salaries would be doubled immediately!

2:	No one worked Mondays, Wednesday afternoons or Fridays.

3:	Work would commence Tuesday, with Wednesday afternoon off and
	recommence thursday at completed by 3 p.m.

After that your time would be your own and with the salaries doubled
everyone would have lots of money to buy Leicas!:)  We of course would own
the majority shares in Leica! :)

And the rules would be changed to make Monday, Wednesday afternoon and
Friday LUG sales time! :)  There now isn't that simple? Do you think I
could become President or Prime Minister on that platform? :)

Ted Grant
This is Our Work. The Legacy of Sir William Osler.