Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1999/01/26

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Subject: [Leica] was:Users digest V6 #47. now 6 Leicas. :)
From: (Ted Grant)
Date: Tue, 26 Jan 1999 20:31:09 -0800

Deniz Saylan wrote:

>Well Ted,
>six M6 ! wow, thats a lot! But tell me, what the hell do you do with six
>of them? Normal photographers need two, at least 3 (one as reserve)
> I cannot imagine how a man sneaks with six bodys around the neck, looking
>like a overdone Christmas tree....
>I prefer to impress with my photos.>>>>>>>>

Hi Deniz,

Nope I don't where them to impress anyone! I'm a lazy photographer and I
hate wasting time screwing around changing lenses! :)  Not exactly, as I
much prefer to work very quickly whether I use a 15mm, 100 or 180 and or
280 on R7's or R8. And the M cameras 21, 35, 50mm!  I prefer not to use
longer than 50mm on the M camera, although I do use a 90 f 2 Summicron at
times. I much prefer the R camera for anything longer than 50mm.

It depends on the assignment whether I use 1, 3 or 6. Sometimes it's
shooting colour slide and B&W at the same time. I now avoid that at all
costs and if both B&W and slides are required, I shoot all col. neg and
have slides made from the negative film in the same manner as making
prints. The other plus to that you don't worry about colour balance and
light mixture, as that gets cleaned up later in printing or slide

<<<<<Normal photographers need two,>>>>>>>

Well my friend as many can attest on the LUG I'm not normal!:) :) Strange
maybe, but hardly normal when it comes to equipment, attitude and how I
work is more appropriate.:)

<<<<I cannot imagine how a man sneaks with six bodys around the neck,
looking like a overdone Christmas tree....>>>>

You are misinterpreting when I use more than one camera. You are quite
correct to imagine anyone wearing 6 Leicas is going to "sneak around".
However, when I do much of my photojournalism assignment/projects I work
with two cameras, a 35 and 50 Noctilux. And if I'm working one camera it's
probably 50/50 between 35 1.4 Summilux and 1.0 Noctilux.  The light and
location dictates far more of  which lens or camera is used. Or how many
cameras at one time.

It's not very difficult using 6 cameras at one time, 3 M's around your
neck, two R7's on the left shoulder and the other R with maybe a 280 on the
right shoulder. And yes, the R cameras all have motors attached. The
biggest danger is banging them together or worse! Running out of film in
all 6 at exactly the same time and then missing the once in a life time

<<<I prefer to impress with my photos>>>>>

Yeah your right!:) I think I've done that on a couple of occasions during
the past 49 years as a photojournalist. :)  And with any kind of luck I'll
get a bunch more years in yet before I go to the big darkroom in the sky!

I trust this explains 6 cameras around the body. :):)

Ted Grant
This is Our Work. The Legacy of Sir William Osler.