Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1999/01/25

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Subject: Re: [Leica] Leica M Motor-Winder and Robot Star
From: toshi tanaka <>
Date: Mon, 25 Jan 1999 12:59:20 -0800

Hi, Tord-Rikard

in regard to:
>1. Do any one now how good/bad the motor-winder for the
>M6, it seems to be a bit clumsy
>and slow, i have looked at but
>there is not much information, not even a picture
.... IMHO they work fine... kinda clumsy when changing film, however, if
you find the version just prior to the re-release (which is too, too much
money to pay for the convenience), you should be in good shape, about half
as much as for new. I've owned a few of them and this one seems to be the
most quiet of the bunch i've had. As for picutres, i'm not sure where to
get a gander at one 'cept in person.

	I use the winders on the job, they are fast enough. You want fast,
this ain't it... but it does free one hand from  having to operate the
	I also made a tether from winder to body for quick and worry free
film changes. (thick leather, a little bit of nylon webing, old camera
strap, brass grommet, 1/4X20 knobbed screw)The winder dangles from the body
as I unload and re-load... got this idea before I went overseas and it
seems to do the trick... great for baseplate too... although not too
attractive... but functional.

	If you are in situations where you cannot use your thumb... news,
'hail Mary' grab shots with hyperfocaled 21mm or 24mm... then this thing is
for you, baby!... if you are looking for something else that you don't see
on almost everybody's M then, get it!  However, if the situation is for
quiet, M- stealth shooting, then this thing is not it.. it is far from
whisper quiet, albeit not as loud as an F3 w/ MD-4... closer to F5...

	Another plus is that it adds weight to the body, easier slow
shutter 90mm shots... and it's under $500... most places used ; ).... if ya
got nothing else to buy... get it... if not... save your money, go out to
eat, get a nice cigar, good bottle of wine, take a trip.

	hope this helps!

Turlock, CA