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Subject: Re: [Leica] exposure rules
Date: Sun, 24 Jan 1999 00:08:7= +2100

I read somewhere a long time ago that Edward Weston, after getting a new
exposure meter, tried it once...decided it was totally wrong!...and never
used it again. Consider his working methods at the time; 8x10 film that by
todays ISO standards would probably be in the ISO 6-8 range; considering his
use of pyro too! I don't believe that Brett Weston EVER used one...he
preferred to "feel" the light! Besides, with his vast experience I don't
think a meter would be necessary or useful. I vaguely remember reading
somewhere that Brett thought that the best light meter was between your
ears! Learn what various qualities/quantities/etc. of light look like and
expose accordingly...not so easy for those of us who don't shoot thousands
of frames per year. Personally, I use spot, incident, and the M6 meter when
I don't think I'll need the other two. But, after many years of using the
spot meter I'm still training myself to understand what the M6 meter is
telling me and, more importantly, what adjustments are needed to obtain what
I want. As an old photo buddy of mine has said many is
an unforgiving task master!

Best regards,

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