Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1999/01/23

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Subject: R: [Leica] chrome body, black lens
From: "Guido Ridoli" <>
Date: Sun, 24 Jan 1999 08:37:32 +0100

|My outfit is a chrome body with three black lens. Looks fine I'm used to
|it. I think a black body with chrome lenses are way cool looking except
|for the modern chrome lens finish leave something to be desired. My
|second body will be black, one of my future lenses will end up being
|chrome, I like the fact that although much heavier, they are brass, not
|aluminum on the inside.
|I believe in mix and match with the exception of titanium which I have
|nothing nice to say about and I think will be discontinued.
|I think the black bodies are distractingly sexy and the chrome ones a
|little boringly Doctorlike. I'm really not kidding but its not a huge
|issue for me. I love them.
|Mark Rabiner

I love chrome body and black too but,
when I  want to be less intrusive as possible and I use black body and black
lenses, for example
in darkness or low light situation;
In normal conditions I use chrome body and chrome lens , it's a perfect
I have to confess that I'm not enthusiast about the look of chrome body and
black lens ( sometimes I use its all the same).
When I want to call attention from other photographers especially Nikon and
Canon owners ;-) i use black body and chrome lens, this  conbination  is
impossible to not notice and people eyes gaze at your camera with respect.
I'm the real superfan

        Guido Ridoli