Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1999/01/22

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Subject: [Leica] origin of Leica lenses
From: imxputs <>
Date: Fri, 22 Jan 99 09:57:48 +0100

Peter wrote (in part and after a very lengthy discussion) 
<snip> Tell us which lenses and where you got this information.<snip>
>        LEICA AG. And several technicians who worked on the product and
>        this to me.

First of all "LEICA AG" employs 1600 people. Did they all tell you this? 
Joking of course. Trying to prove your point by referring to anonymous groups 
of people is a very weak stance. If we have serious information that 
challenges vested opinion or accepted wisdom or even actual factual knowledge 
we should feel obliged to present our case as accurately as possible and with 
as much provable facts as possible.

Now to the topic itself. I have stayed out of this thread as the original 
statement that many Leica designs are reworked versions of Minolta 
computations is  so utterly beyond the truth that it should need no refutation 
IMHO. Now that Peter wants to re-assert this statement by referring to the 
whole of Leica AG and 'several technicians who worked on the product 
(incidentally: Which product?)  I feel that some counter opinion should be 
Of course Peter will challenge my sources. Those who know me do know.

One more point: the reference that a company that makes his own glass is 
superior to one that does buy it, is really flogging a dead horse. So is he 
notion that using alleged Minolta glass in a Leica lens makes it a Minolta 
design. This line of reasoning would tell us that most lenses now in 
production are Schott designs.