Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1999/01/16

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Subject: Re: [Leica] off topic -shotgun
From: "Tom and Jo Wyse" <>
Date: Sat, 16 Jan 1999 23:35:02 -0600

    I know your new in the area, suggest you check your phone book or with
another dealer and find "Buckhorn"  gun shop.  I don't remember exactly
where it is but it is N. Dallas, Addison, Plano area.  It is an extreamly
good shop (despite the name)  they carry all the big names, Boss, H&H, Purdy
etc.  they might be able to help you.

>"Richard W. Hemingway" wrote:
>> Lugs,
>> I am trying to sell my shotgun (to help pay for the noct., of course).
>> Does anyone know of a  list I could subscribe to for shotguns???
>> thanks,
>> Dick Hemingway
>> Plano, TX
>Shotguning is my other love.
>Your best bet is to place an ad. in your local Trading Post, if you have
>one.  So far, folks can still trade long guns with little trouble.  If you
>have a really nice firearm and want a broader market, try placing an ad.
>in GunList:
>Understand you can only send a firearm to a licensed dealer.  To cover
>yourself, ask receiving party to send you a copy of their signed FFL (Fed.
>Firearms Lic.)  Only send the gun to the address on the FFL.  Send no
>cartridges, primers, powder, etc., with it.  UPS is easier than USPS.
>Like camera stuff, get your money up front.  Not everyone is as honest as
>us Luggers.
>Having received a few firearms in this manner, I have noticed that
>sometimes what leaves the sender as Mint-, shows up here as 'fraid to
>stand behind and pull the trigger.  Sound like camera mail order??
>ebay would be good for all this if it weren't for the Brady Bunch.
>Good luck.  Send pics.