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Subject: [Leica] was 2.0+1 now spouce effects on buying!:)
From: (Ted Grant)
Date: Sat, 16 Jan 1999 16:34:26 -0800

Bryant Terry wrote:

>How 'bout hearing from some non-pros; how do you get this stuff past the
>spouse??  Pros have an excuse.  : )>>>>>>>


Unfortunately or fortunately depending on ones outlook when it comes to
ones wife involved in the business, it isn't any easier to get a new lens
past the "Controller, she who must be obeyed" than it is being married to
her! :) :)

Here's one little trick regardless of lens or body parts. Just get it! Now
this depends on who actually does the financial controlling in the family
or business.

Let's imagine you do, (highly unlikely if you are like the rest of us) :)
But she still wants to be apprised of what the heck are you spending all
that money on?

Just go buy it, get rid of the box before you get home, and for heavens
sake don't put it in the trunk of the car, as she'll want to go to the
grocery store and when she lifts the trunk lid, "YOU ARE DEAD!":)

So the box goes, gone finito!  Even if you leave it at a friends, then
immediately put the lens on the camera, returning it to the equipment bag,
stay cool and nonchalant as you carry the bag in the house.

Get a beer (really important, your cool man!) However if you don't drink
beer don't get one, as she'll recognize immediately you have been screwing
around with those Leica guys and gals again.Then right in front of her
decide you are going to load the camera or clean it and some of the other

Blatantly bring out the camera with new lens, like right in her face and
place it on the floor, at the moment is best place, too far away for her to
have close look!:) Do not drool at this moment wives know drool levels and
you'll give yerself away.   Set it down with  other bits and a bag of film.
Begin to clean "other pieces leaving camera to last." Then engage her in
long winded dialogue on every dumb thing about photography you can think
of. Do not at any time mention or use the word, "NEW!"  Like not even

If you do, it sets off some kind of instinct wifey alarm thing and the next
thing you know you'll be cowering at her feet for the inquisition of wifey
questions. "Now what the heck did you buy?" And she wont say it with a
smile on her face!

However, after using the "cool in yer face honey nonchalant format" usually
you can get away with a once in a lifetime event!:)  And just
because you pull it off once, not in your wildest imagination think you can
get away with it one more time! :)

I've heard some guys just buy what they want or think they need, walk in
the house and say, "Hi honey look at this new on sale $5000 lens I just
got, it's regular price was $8000 and I saved $3000 on sale! Great buy eh

The response can be deafening or a kind of quiet voice as you hear her
doing one of the following. Talking to the divorce lawyer or the coroner
alerting him there is about to be a death in the family. :)

For us ordinary usually financial challenged folks, trying to slide some
new piece of Leica gear by a spouse is about as easy as riding a unicycle

I realize this may not be helpful. However I've managed in 49 years of
wedded bliss to pull off each method once. And as we are just about at the
big 50 wedding anniversary I don't feel like challenging her one more time.
Now after the 50th who the hell is going to care! :)

Ted Grant
This is Our Work. The Legacy of Sir William Osler.