Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1999/01/15

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Subject: Re: [Leica] Noctilux fever
From: "Mark Hammons" <>
Date: Fri, 15 Jan 1999 20:06:17 -0600

>I guess it boils down to the kind of photography your interested in.
>I would much rather have a III with 50 Summar and Ilford Delta 3200
>than an M6HM with Noctilux and EI 100 slide film.  Of course, should
>someone give me the M6HM+Nocti combo, the revenue from the sales would
>buy a litter of IIIs ;-)
>And, by the way, yes, I am interested in "available light" photography,
>and not just at noon during summer.  Still, with EI 400 film, at f2 and
>1/15s or 1/30s (possible with bracing and proper breathing) you can get
>wonderful shots.  With a Nocti, the same would be 1/60 or 1/125 at f1.
>The difference between resting your elbows on the table or not.
>I'm sure that those who have bought Noctiluxes are very happy with
>them.  Still, I'm convinced that spending the equivalent on practicing
>(i.e., film, developing and printing) would ultimately result in
>better photographs.  At least for me.
>Martin V. Howard, Application Systems Laboratory,     | 

Well, I don't own any M's or R's and use the Screwmounts.  Like the IIIg best
because it gives you a 50 and 90 mm brighline built in and has geometric
progression of shutter speeds.

The thing I find most lacking in the LTM systems is lack of reasonably fast
lenses below 50mm.  I have a 50mm Summicron and 2 Summitars but when
you want to go to 35mm then all you've got is a 35mm F3.5 Elmar or Summaron,
unless you get a collector's item 35mm F2.8 Summaron but then were talking
the same bucks as a 35mm F2 Summicron in BM.  And wider than that?  Realistically
the 28mm F6.3 (SLOW!) Hektor and 28mm F5.6 Summaron are collector's items and
the 21mm Super Angulon is the same or more than a BM version of the same lens.

So realistically the fastest you can go for reasonably priced non-exotic Leica lenses
is the 50mm F1.5 Summarit or 50mm F2 Summar, Summitar or Summicron.  This means
that 50mm is really about the only AFFORDABLE available light focal length for SM 
Leica lenses.

Yea, you can get Canon lenses and maybe thats the way to go but then you're outside
the system -- why not have Canon bodies as well (not that thats a bad idea, mind you).

I love my SM cameras but am now debating weather to get into either the M or R system.
with leanings towards getting into the M system.  And I would probably be happy with
Summicrons as my fastest lenses (50 and 35).  Its just that you have such a choice
with F2 and F2.8 lenses in several focal lengths that you don't have with the LTM system.

Mark Hammons

28mm??  Realistically
the 28mm F6.3