Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1999/01/12

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Subject: [Leica] Can someone explain why?
From: "Philip Kokoczka" <>
Date: Tue, 12 Jan 1999 05:16:12 PST

Many posters to the LUG, when comparing early models of the M series 
cameras such as the M3 and M2 to late models M4-P or M6, seem to make 
statements such as "not as convenient as the M6" or "upgraded features 
of the M6". Come on folks, the only feature you can really call an 
upgrade is the built in meter. Am I missing something here? What are all 
of the other features that make the M6 better than the M3. 

I have and use both an M6 and an M3 double stroke. To tell you the 
truth, I would rather use the M3 with the MR meter than the M6. Sure I 
love the M6, but just look thru the viewfinder of the M3. Wow!! No 
comparison. Pop on a 90mm or 135mm lens onto the M3. Then put the same 
lenses on an M6. There is no comparison-the M3 wins hands down. Do you 
wear glasses? Do you have a problem seeing the whole frame on the M6 
when you put on a 35mm lens? What a wonderful view when you put a 
35mm2.8 Summaron with eyes on an M3 and that 50mm frame becomes a 35mm 
frame. (Not bad when you put the Summaron on an M6 either).

How about camera feel? There is no comparison between the feel of an old 
M3DS with the M6. The feel of the M3 is absolutely sexy. (Fondling an M3 
in public makes me feel guilty). Not that the feel of the M6 is bad, but 
the silky smooth feel of the M3 leaves one spoiled. 

You dudes that think that the double stroke of the M3 is a disadvantage- 
do you really single stroke the M6 all the time? Even before getting an 
M3 I double stroked the M6 and just about all of my other cameras. I 
actually find that when rapid shooting the double stroke is quicker.

I would like some comments from those thinking the M6 is a more advanced 
camera than the previous cameras. And BTW, how do you take a self timed 
picture with your M6?


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