Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1999/01/06

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Subject: Re: [Leica] How to survive agonizing weekend waiting for new Noctilux?
From: "Bill Larsen" <>
Date: Wed, 6 Jan 1999 15:46:27 -0800


Relax.  Find out how the Noctilux was shipped.  Track the
shipping from point to point.  Look up the weather at every
point where it goes.  Plan what you are going to shoot when
it arrives.  The anticipation is like (well never mind).

My wife of 20 years, bought me an m75/1.4 and a new barbecue
(to cook NC pulled pork and Texas Brisket) for Christmas.
She gave me the tracking numbers.  The anticipation almost
killed me (tracked them both coast to coast).

You might seriously consider keeping the girlfriend.  I
think I'll keep my wife.  Now if she would just approve of
me sitting around sipping George Dickel.

Regards,  Bill Larsen
Tony writes:

>Dear LUGnuts:
>After digesting Erwin's article in Photo Techniques
(several times), and
>the many postings here about the Noctilux, I have lately
been drooling over
>the concept of owning one.  Now, to make matters utterly
worse, and because
>of my meddling girlfriend, as beautiful as she is, I have
to spend the next
>few days, including this coming weekend, in pure and utter
agony while I
>wait to receive the new Noctilux that she has ordered for
me.  How did I
>get myself in this mess?  Was I that obvious?  How can one
tell when one
>has gone over the edge in anticipation of this legendary
lens?  Will she
>have to go to "Nocilux anonymous" on account of this
fiasco?   I hope that
>I can gain some comfort from my friends at the LUG in this
time of "waiting
>agony"  Just what am I going to do until I receive it??
And what kind of
>Scotch whisky should I buy tonight in celebration?  HELP!
>Nervous Wreck in Alaska!
>Tony Rowlett
>Anchorage, Alaska