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Subject: [Leica] Re: Chemistry Questions
From: Jim Brick <>
Date: Sun, 03 Jan 1999 19:22:49 -0800

Go to&nbsp;
<a href=3D"" eudora=3D"a=
and look around. Tons of info. The problem with Ethol UFG is it has such
a short dev. time. Tri-X @ 400, 3 min. I personally would start with D-76
1:1 or ID-11 1:1 for 10 min, or Rodinal 1:100 for 20 min, 1:75 for 17
min, 1:50 for 15 min. Ethol UFG is available. The distributor is Brandess
Kalt Aetna Group, 701 Corporate Woods Parkway, Vernon Hills, IL 60061,
USA. (800) 621-5488.<br>
Black &amp; White choices are a very personal thing. David Vestal has an
interesting article in the current Photo Techniques, page 14.
<a href=3D"" eudora=3D"autourl"></a>
At 08:01 PM 1/3/99 -0500, you wrote: <br>
<blockquote type=3Dcite cite>Dear LUGers, <br>
I'm new here, but after reading comments for the last few days,=
 (congratulations Robert, on Gordon), I'm sure one of use guys can help me.=
Funny how things come full circle.=A0 In college I lived with my M4 always=
 close.=A0 After marriage and children, I traded to a Canon so my wife could=
 take pictures for our growing brood.=A0 Sixteen+ years later, my children=
 started asking me about all those wonderful B&amp;W photos I <i>used</i> to=
 take..... <br>
Last summer I chanced (<i>CHANCED?)</i> into a M4-P.=A0 Now the three of us=
 are playing fairly regularly in the new/old darkroom.=A0 There's a lot of=
 deja vu stuff goin' on now.=A0 I've been out of touch for soo long.=A0 This=
 RC paper sure is easier than, well, anyone need a slightly used flip/flop=
 dryer?? <br>
But to the chemistry: <br>
I remember using stuff that came in a can called UFG (ultra fine grain?).=A0=
 I used this for years with replinsher.=A0 Bummer to mix (not to be confused=
 with beemer or bimmer).=A0 When I slowed down, I remember using Microdol-X=
 diluted 1 to a zillion and throwing it away.=A0 My favoritest picture was=
 processed in Rodinal, but this seemed somewhat grainy.=A0 The only thing I=
 can find around here is this new T-MAX stuff.=A0 Seems okay, but=
 expensive.=A0 I've read HC-110 is good, but have no exposure to it (sorry).=
My brain is still calibrated to Tri-X.=A0 No, I can't, won't, will not=
 change. <br>
What I want are liquids I can mix for an evenings processing, and then=
 toss.=A0 I also can't remember which fixer I used, if it had a hardener or=
 not, +/-s.=A0 Paper seems easier.=A0 My local guy has Ilford in=A0 plastic=
 jugs which I can mix for an evening's worth and discard.=A0 Seems okay=
 quality wise. <br>
I am living in a part of Tennessee that if the Wal-Mart ain't got it, you're=
 SOL.=A0 What mail order places are best? <br>
Any other advice (careful, I've secretly been listening and I will consider=
 the source) may be appreciated. <br>
Kind regards, <br>
Bryant <br>
P.S. This M4-P appears to have M6 windows (flush) and only a single button=
 on the back.=A0 Late model hybrid? <br>
=A0 <br>
=A0 <br>
=A0 </blockquote><br>