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Subject: Re: [Leica] Shooting Transparencies
From: "Bud Cook" <>
Date: Mon, 21 Dec 1998 22:44:08 -0600

My wife used to take the tough love approach to my hobby of photography.
She insisted that every slide I took had to be inserted in a Prodovit tray
whether or not they were any good.  Even if I did some bracketing, all of
those slides went into the tray and then she made a record of what was in
the tray.

She almost drove me into getting a 4X5 but I eventually convinced her that
35mm film was cheap.  Still, I never went back to buying film by the brick
and I lost all interest in motor drives.

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From: Ted Grant <>
>Hi Bud,
>As a member of the dying breed I have to say that I too enjoy racking new
>slides from the lab and sitting in the screening room. I'm either laughing
>or crying depending on the good, bad or ugly of what I'm looking at. God
>sometimes I need a big towel for the tears, then other times it's all
>hooping and hollering at how ell they turned out followed by what my wife
>refers to the "I done did good." comment. Damn I'm good!" :)
>When she hears that she now knows I'm happy that I managed to get some
>keepers. Assistant Sandy on the other hand sits quietly saving her
>critisism until the lights are on. "Gee they're no bad for an old guy!"
>Smiles and loads another tray.
>These young folks help keep the right perspective with no emotional
>attachment!:)  keeps one in touch with the reality factor of a good shoot.
>However, I do love looking at slides from a successful shoot! We wont
>mention the consequenses non-successful ones. :)  Gee don't you guys and
>gals have those? :)
>Ted Grant
>This is Our Work. The Legacy of Sir William Osler.