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Subject: RE: [Leica] your opinion about G2
From: "Kotsinadelis, Peter (Peter)" <>
Date: Mon, 7 Dec 1998 08:42:35 -0800

Hi Alan,

I disagree. Please tell me how the construction of a lens adds to the actual
photographic quality of an image.  If this happened to be true, every EOS
user would still be using Canon F1s or for that matter Nikon F2 cameras.

Peter K.

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From: Alan Ball []
Sent: Sunday, December 06, 1998 10:51 AM
Subject: Re: [Leica] your opinion about G2

Well, I like the looks, functionalities and build of the G2. But if
there is something it does not prove, it is that "it is possible to
produce extremely high quality optics - Leica quality optics - at a
fraction of the cost at which Leica produces and sells them". I am not
discussing MTF, lpm and all that, but the construction itself. 

If you look at it closely, Contax has found an ingenious way of
simplifying lens construction right down to the core: the focusing
process is managed by the in-camera motor, through a simple cam. The
lens itself is basically a few high quality glass elements moving on a
very simple pattern, a CPU, CPU and shaft connexion with the body, a
basic manual iris and a very beautiful titanium outer barrel. If you
compare this with the M lenses, you realise how unsophisticated the G
lens construction is.