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Subject: Re: [Leica] Re: sneak thief photographers! (long)
From: (Ted Grant)
Date: Thu, 3 Dec 1998 16:25:41 -0800

Jim Hurtubise wrote:

<<<<< Now Ted, I already know your opinion on this so before you question
>whether I have all my anatomy in the right place please just read on a bit

Jeeeeeeesh guys am I that bad? :)  I mean everything I say should be
tempered with common sense. :) Just because I don't use it at times,
doesn't mean everyone has to do what I think is right. However,
well.............. never mind it was quite alright Jim and from the story a
cool move to make.

Besides you had a personal tour and pictures you might not of otherwise had.

<<<I had no sooner snapped a couple shots when he dropped his pants right
there on the sidewalk. I guess he had a different type of picture in

I'd like a picture of the look on your face when the guy dropped his
knickers! It could have been the Picture of the Year! :) :) :)

Hey what else can one say under the circumstance, an opportunity presented
itself and as long as you felt "safe with it," I don't blame you at all for
shooting in the manner you did. And that's what I mean about using one's
common sense and safety feelings.

Obviously situations present themselves and all the rules go out the
window, that's when getting the scene becomes the most
important....sometimes at ones peril.

<<<<It was at this point that he noticed my camera and he asked me if I
wanted to take his picture. I've also been through this routine before, you
know, where they ask you to take their picture and then ask for five
dollars. I told him that I would like to take his picture but I would not
pay him for this.>>>>>

Been caught once like that and never again as I responded on future
occaisions as you did.. "Yep like to take your picture, nope I wont pay you
for letting me!"  The odd time the "subject" has become a little testy, but
generally they'll go along in similar manner to your guy.

Overall, you done did right! :) Stayed calm and cool in what could have
been an unpleasant situation. Distraught folks can be rather overwhelming
at times!

Thanks for the story Jim.

Ted Grant
This is Our Work. The Legacy of Sir William Osler.